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Given the extraordinary impact the COVID 19 virus is currently having on business and community and how vital your support is to the success of this event, we have decided to create a unique introductory opportunity for potential sponsors and partners to get on board from the get-go. Unfortunately, this impact has also meant more members of our communities need help and the need for research increases too.

Prior to COVID we had already decided this was the year we would grow into a series of events hosted in many communities. We’re thrilled to be able to share we currently have 11 locations committed and we’re growing every week.

You can still become a LIFT THE LID WALK for Mental Health Sponsor.

To find out more about sponsor opportunities available just click on location link you are after below.

This year and in 2021 will be hosting walk events in the following confirmed locations:


Keep an eye out for dates still to be announced in:






and many more to come....

       For more information and a copy of the sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Paul Robins, Steering Committee Chair

email: or

Kara Geyer at THE MEDIA HUT on

m:0411 299 380 or e:


Foundation Partnerships 2024
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